Private Island Belize
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Leonardo Di Caprio should have researched Belize some more and if he did he would have discovered this emerald in the midst of a turquoise lagoon and jewel studded corals wrapped in sapphire Caribbean waters. If he knew about it he would have done the smart thing and acquired it.
Well too bad for him. Now opportunity knocks on your door.

Crawl Caye is located on the Northwestern tip of the Turneffe Atoll one of 4
known Atolls in the Western Hemisphere of which three are located in Belize!

The Island is ideally situated about 26 or so miles East Northeast of Belize City and 15 miles East of the Barrier Reef.


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With hundred and hundreds of coral patches within the crystal clear blue lagoon waters of the Caribbean along with the western reef wall only one half mile away and the eastern reef wall of the atoll 2.5 miles to the east it truly is a fisherman, diver or snorkeler’s playground in paradise.

This 48 Acre Private Island is available and just beckoning the right person with the vision to make this the envy of all possessions that one can proudly share whether it's a commercial endeavor, personal pleasure or a combination of both you can certainly wear this badge proudly!

This is a terrific opportunity to acquire a unique piece of property within a World Heritage Site!

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