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Leonardo Di Caprio

Leonardo Di Caprio should have researched Belize some more and if he did he would have discovered this emerald in the midst of a turquoise lagoon and jewel studded corals wrapped in sapphire Caribbean waters.

Montego Caye


Known as MONTEGO CAYE and situated 8.5 miles ENE of Belize City with St George's Caye situated approximately 1.75 miles south of it. St George's Caye is the Historical capital of Belize where the Battle of St George's Caye took place between the Spaniards and the English. It is now inhabited by the upper echelon of Belize and foreigners alike.

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Blackbird Island

Located just 8.5 Miles ENE, it's a 15 minute boat ride from Belize City the Nation's largest City Blackbird Island lies along the protected waters of St. George's Caye Inner Channel, this Island, your private retreat is easy to get to, easy to maintain and best of all easy to enjoy

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Little St George's Caye

Situated 10 miles ENE of Belize City with St George's Caye a stone's throw to the east, this sparkling example of a private island Known as LITTLE ST GEORGE'S CAYE honoring St George's Caye the Historical capital of Belize where the Battle of St George's Caye took place between the Spaniards and the English now inhabited by the upper echelon of Belize and foreigners alike...

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Placencia Island

Situated approximately at the south westernmost tip of the Plancencia Village leeward side of the tip of the peninsula, Cayo Theana is 7.31 acre private island is the perfect sanctuary for those who want to live in an exclusive location with quick access to the town and a hop unto a boat...


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Drowned Caye 95.45 Acres

Situated just 7.5 miles ESE of Belize City, the largest, most populated city and the former Capital of Belize. This island property is located in the Drowned Caye Area just under 2 miles west of the Barrier Reef...

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Benbow Caye 133 Acres

Benbow Caye is located approximately only 6 miles East of Belize City and only just about 2 miles West of the second largest barrier reef in the world and within eyesight of the proposed cruise ship terminal and docking facilities of Stake Bank Island...

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Wild Orchid Caye, Belize

An undeveloped island of almost 20 acres/81,000m2. Offered at $1,800,000. This island is a unique natural treasure, with giant mangrove trees and its own 1/2 mile long coral reef...

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Manta Caye Resort

Manta Caye is located on one of the World's most breathtaking locations, the Glover's Atoll, now a World Heritage Site. Manta Caye is the site of a former resort of the same name. The island is also known as Southwest Caye and is the southernmost island on Glovers Atoll.

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Caye Chapel

265 acres island

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price reducedJewel Caye

Ideally situated only 6.5 miles east of Sittee River Bar mouth and Hopkins Village, 2 + Acres Private Island known as Jewel Caye lies in the pristine azure waters of the Cockney Range Area.

Soldier Caye


This stunning five-acre island is situated east of Blackbird Caye on the beautiful and pristine Turneffe Atoll.

Private Island
Frigate Caye


Situated on the eastern side of Turneffe Atoll only a hundred yards from the fringing reef!

Private Island
morris caye

price reduced Morris Caye

This absolutely stunning Private Island known as Morris Caye is so breathtaking that words to describe its beauty does it no justice save to marvel at...

Private Island
arrowhead caye

Arrowhead Caye 4.09 Acres

There is deep water approach right up to the island to a 100 foot pier on the North East as well as deep water access for a landing craft on North West side of this island...

Private Island
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200 Acre Private Island

Known as FRENCHMAN'S CAYE and situated 10 miles ENE of Belize City with St George's Caye situated approximately one and a half miles south of it...


Belize Private Island

4.75 Acres Private Island

Aptly named Turquoise Caye, this 4.75 acre private island could be made your private getaway in the sparkling Caribbean waters of Belize...

Private island

Goring Bogue Caye 6 Acres Private Island